Pushpa Bector

Pushpa Bector

  • Senior Executive Director DLF Retail
    DLF Mall

  • With fearless determination and a pioneering spirit, Ms. Pushpa Bector leads from the forefront, continuously setting new standards for the retail industry. As the Senior Executive Director of DLF Malls, Ms. Bector has pre-empted global industry trends and consumer needs, making DLF malls well-equipped to meet and exceed future expectations. She skillfully combines her industry knowledge with innovative thinking and data-driven insights to devise effective strategies that allow DLF Malls to thrive even in challenging retail environments.

    Ms. Bector started her career in the hospitality industry at Oberoi Hotels and Resorts and later worked as the Marketing Head for Domino's Pizza at Jubilant FoodWorks. These early experiences provided her with invaluable tools and knowledge that she later used at DLF to establish successful footprints in India's retail landscape.

    During her tenure at DLF, Ms. Bector has demonstrated her leadership skills as the Vice President and Mall Head of DLF Promenade. Her creative marketing campaigns and cohesive operational strategies transformed the space into a thriving fashion destination, even during the 2008 Global Financial Crisis. She also established six food courts for DLF before taking on her current role.

    As the Executive Director of DLF Retail Malls, Ms. Bector is responsible for providing executive leadership across marketing, leasing, finance, and operations.
    Apart from her professional achievements, she is an alumnus of Harvard University and has a passion for music and cinema. She cherishes quality time spent with her children and family.